Symbolic Action? You Came To The Wrong Place

September 23, 2011 / 1Sky in partnership with The Wrong Kind of Green, brings you the truth behind the mainstream environmental movement; a movement that consists of industry-funded NGOs and countless other well-meaning groups that think symbolic actions like banners, bike rides and sit-ins will make a difference. We all know what a difference they have made: NONE AT ALL!

The articles on this website have been collected to show the hollowed-out reality of groups like, WWF and Greenpeace who are run from the top down and have one overriding policy: to keep the industrial system running at any cost, even if it means salvaging the reputations of corrupt politicians (all of them), inviting corporations to come and play (and making sure the water’s nice and warm), lying to the public about how much power they have (none under this system), and ignoring the simple fact that industrial civilization is terminally unsustainable and has to end (the truth).

Thank you.

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9 Comments on “Symbolic Action? You Came To The Wrong Place”

  1. farnishk Says:

    In case anyone has any doubt as to the fatuousness of’s Moving Planet day, you only have to go to the page, and the section urging people to invite “your leaders”. Did you hear that? YOUR LEADERS.

    You have no power, they are YOUR LEADERS. You can engage YOUR LEADER. You can ask YOUR LEADER to sign a pledge. You can ask YOUR LEADER to make a speech. Because you have no power in the eyes of – fact. Their words reveal their agenda. You do not create change, you have to ask nicely.


    6. Invite your leaders

    If you want to make sure your leaders hear your demands, make sure you invite them out to your event! It’s important to email an invitation, and call a few days later to follow up – do it early so their schedules haven’t filled up. A few ideas for engaging your leader as a part of your event are a) asking them to speak in front of the crowd about their plans on climate change (so they have to say what they are or aren’t doing publicly), or b) ask them to sign a pledge to take on your demands. This can work especially well for candidates who are seeking election who may promise things now that you can hold them accountable to later.


    If that’s not bullshit, I don’t know what is!


  2. GreenHearted Says:

    I’m not sure I agree with your assertion that ENGOs “are run from the top down and have one overriding policy: to keep the industrial system running at any cost.” I think their one overriding policy is to not do anything that could threaten their own funding. Period. End of their thinking — or caring. That’s what it seems like to me. But perhaps we’re saying the same thing!?


    • farnishk Says:

      Essentially the same thing, GH. But more than that, if you have ever tried to engage with an NGO as to the root cause of the problems they are claiming to address then you will hit a brick wall. They refuse to engage because to challenge the system itself is considered absurd – it is what we have and apparently we have to live with it. Without it then their “actions” and campaigns are meaningless, because they are all framed in the context of the industrial system; and thus the NGOs cannot exist without the industrial system.


      • Abe Says:

        I’m curious what your alternative plan is and how you’re implementing it. Honestly curious.

        Also, I hope you appreciate the irony of blasting corporate funding while advertising for Intel and other corporations on your blog.

      • farnishk Says:

        There is no one plan, Abe, that would be playing into the hands of the machine. At it simplest we just need to be able to think for ourselves, be connected to the real world, and follow our natural instincts: all of these things are dangerous to the industrial system, which is why it does everything in its (and our, as part of that system) power to prevent this from happening. After that, it’s your choice – but I guarantee that given a free, entirely free, choice, you would not choose to continue as a slave.

        As for the adverts – I have tried to replicate this in Firefox and IE with nothing blocked, and still can’t see a single advert. All I can find is a single cookie for Adnexus, which I am going to try and trace. WE TAKE MONEY FROM NO ONE, THIS IS A CORPORATE FREE ZONE.

      • Abe Says:

        You lost me there. I didn’t ask for THE ONE plan, just A plan. It’s okay to disagree with their plan, but climate change is too big to solve without organizing in some way. You and I can commit to think independently and live outside the industrial system, but there are billions of other people on the planet who have to do the same to solve this problem.

        Screenshot of the ad, which I see on Chrome, FF, and Safari:

      • farnishk Says:

        Thanks, Abe. Organise, yes. Do things alone, yes as well. Just don’t compromise, and especially don’t get into bed with the system unless you plan on taking a very dangerous prophylactic with you.

        I’m still not seeing the ads, WordPress must choose the victims randomly – I know they sometimes advertise, and it’s because the site is free; if someone offers us $30 we can take the ads off for good.

  3. Zed Punker Says:

    Nice SEO try to use Moving Planet’s campaign to promote your own site… Your link is on MP’s home page :) Are you going to sell this domain later (


    • farnishk Says:

      Not SEO – a valid and conscious distration from all the symbolic bollocks that took place this weekend. If we get hits as a result they won’t be for commercial gain; it costs us a lot of time to do this and we never take money for it. That’s one reason the domain won’t be sold. That and we don’t trust anyone else not to exploit it for commercial purposes.


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